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Anonymous asked
Just wanted to let you know, in your post about spoilers you said that Asylum of the Daleks screens at 7 PM EST on BBCA. It actually screens at 9PM EST. Love your blog! :)


Changed that now - sorry about the mix up. Google has failed us once again… ;)

Anonymous asked
Some quotes are attributed to the wrong people.. like that one about the televisions in the stomachs. That was The Master. :L

Thank you dear Anon! That’s fixed now :)

If anyone else sees incorrect attributions please let us know so we can fix them!

<3 Sarah and Mia

Anonymous asked
Can someone give me some Doctor Who quotes on the theme of "time'?

You can find some here

Hope the link helps :)

Anonymous asked
where did u go?


Sorry, we took a long and unannounced hiatus while Doctor Who was down but we’ll be back as of this Saturday/Sunday with NEW WHO QUOTES!

Anonymous asked
Hi i really need help! Im writing a speech for a funeral and he loved doctor who espexially with david and i would like to put a doctor who quote i want it to be up beat do you think you can hellp?

Hello, so sorry to hear that - all our love to you. We have a couple of wonderful ones that could be perfect:

This one

This one

and this one


Anonymous asked
Say, do you guys know if it's possible to get Matt Smith's autograph? I mean, has anyone done it before? My friends birthday is coming up and he's her celebrity crush.

The best that we could find (with a very quick google search, might we add…) is the following:

Matt Smith
3rd Floor
74 Clerkenwell Road
London, EC1M 5QA

Which appears to be the usual fanmail address. Unless you meet him in person, sending him a letter or something like that is going to be your best bet although it may take a while to get something back. Good luck!

Anonymous asked
My friend's 18th birthday is coming up and she is the biggest doctor who fan and want to fill hr card up with awesome quotes, could you please give me some suggestions of good quotes to put in

How about 35, 84, 135, 198, 204, 210, 223, 231, 233, 239…Hopefully that gets you started!

(Sorry we need to sort out the permalinking and haven’t got around to actually making links in this post!)

Anonymous asked
senior jacket ideas? i'm in desperate need of your help, you see..

Hey there! We aren’t entirely sure what senior jackets are (we’re little old kiwis you see) - if you give us a bit more info I’m sure we can help!

Anonymous asked
I Think you need to male more quote, there are a lot more awesome quotes, for example one in Amy's choice: "Where's the instructions manual?" "I threw it into a supernova" "Why would you throw the instructions manual into a supernova?" "Because I disagreed with it"
Anonymous asked
bus cab walk from good

Anonymous asked
To your last post: In the BBC-subtitles it was "Woors" not "Walds".

Oops - thanks for that! Because we don’t have BBC over here it’s sometimes hard to pick up on precisely what they’re saying, and then… internet.

But thank you!